When you subscribe to “You Betcha! Box”, you are doing more than just giving a delicious and unique gift to yourself or someone you care about. You are also helping to build the following:

Strong Local Economy

When we buy from Minnesota artisans, craftspeople and small businesses, we support jobs and opportunities in our community.

Opportunities for Minnesota Nonprofits

We contribute a portion of all sales to Minnesota nonprofits. We help Minnesota nonprofits remain vital and viable through our joint campaigns, by featuring and sharing the stories of small but mighty nonprofits in our state and helping out financially by sharing a portion of our proceeds with every sale.

Small Business Development

You Betcha! Box works hand-in-hand with our food artisans to help introduce their innovative products to new customers and grow in a way that is comfortable without sacrificing quality.

Healthier Environment

When we buy locally we improve our carbon footprint. Fresh, often organic and locally sourced ingredients with minimal preservatives are used in the handcrafted products we feature.

Invest in the Minnesota Local Food movement! Help us kick-start multi-tier community building by subscribing and giving subscriptions as gifts!