We are excited to launch Share Local Love and You Betcha! Box with our fellow Minnesotans! This company is all about our shared Minnesota values and what we can accomplish when we choose to support one another. Food is more than how we sustain ourselves physically. It also represents where we come from, our connection to the land, offers an opportunity to express creativity, and reflects our local culture. Food is deeply and inextricably tied to place and ties us to one another. 

Our Mission

Share Local Love’s mission is to make it easy for people to discover, enjoy and share the wonderful food-related products made right here in our home state. We introduce our customers to inspiring and creative Minnesota makers and their innovative creations. We help connect Minnesota artisan food makers to lovers of high-quality, locally-sourced foods and establish brand recognition and loyalty.

Supporting Nonprofits

Nonprofits are facing uncertainty in their funding future as tax laws change and there is more competition for philanthropic dollars. This is especially true for smaller, community-based groups. These organizations may be small, but the impact they make on our State’s quality of life is mighty. We will incorporate mechanisms for our nonprofits to remain viable as so many Minnesotans benefit from them through innovating fundraising campaigns and sharing their stories and a portion of the proceeds on every box sold.

This multi-tier community building approach will support one another and create a stronger and healthier Minnesota. 

Be part of the Local Love movement!

You are invited to support all these things too by choosing to buy local. We will work to make this easy, convenient and affordable. You get to feel good that you are giving a desirable gift (to yourself or others) and you are part of the solution. And who doesn’t like to feel good? 

Please contact us if you have ideas about collaborating, new craft food makers we should learn about, or nonprofits or corporate gift givers who might benefit from learning about Share Local Love. We will be posting regularly about local food innovators, inspiring nonprofits and helping connect community on social media. Make sure to join us there too!

Locally lovingly yours,